Care Guide
Care Guide

Follow these tips
to prolong the life
of your London
Vintage jewellery

Our jewellery is made from sterling silver and set with marcasite stones. These tips will help to preserve the look and life of your jewellery.


• Store your jewellery in cool, dry places avoiding places of extreme temperature or humidity
• Storing in an air-tight plastic bag can prevent oxidisation
• Store items separately to prevent them from getting tangled and scratched
• Do not store your jewellery in the bathroom as the humidity will cause tarnishing to occur more quickly


• Take off your jewellery when cleaning, bathing or swimming as chemicals such as chlorine can damage or discolour the metal and stones
• Remove your jewellery before doing any sporting activities
• Put your jewellery on at the last moment so that it is not discoloured or affected by perfume, lotions, makeup and hairspray
• Do not wear your jewellery in bed


• Never clean your jewellery with modern, chemical or ultrasonic solutions
• The best way to clean is by using a slightly damp cloth and then wipe dry immediately after with a soft cloth
• Sterling silver will tarnish with time, but this will happen faster if your jewellery is in contact with perfume, skin creams, hairspray, salty air and chlorine
• To revive the shine in sterling silver jewellery you can give it an occasional polish with a silver cloth

Seek advice from a professional jeweller if you are unsure or have any questions about cleaning or storing your jewellery.