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Detailed Round Brooch £93.00
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This adorable detailed circular brooch is made of 925 sterling round silver brooch. Enhanced with bijou marcasite stones that add the vintage twist.

  • Brooch is secured with pin & barrel lock clasp.
  • Brooch dimensions 35mm diameter.

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How to Care for Your Jewellery

We want your London Vintage jewellery to look as good tomorrow as it does today.  So giving it the right TLC at the right time will help to keep it in tip-top condition.

Here’s how to do it.

Cleaning Your Jewellery

Silver is a naturally occurring element.  So it’s pretty sensitive stuff.  Add to that the fact that sterling silver has got a little bit of copper in it (about 7% don’t you know) and it means that your gorgeous jewellery hates modern chemical or ultrasonic cleaning solutions.

Our advice?  Avoid them like a mosquito in your mojito!

For best results just use a slightly damp cloth instead.  Give your jewellery the once over and then wipe dry right away with a soft cloth. Easy.

All sterling silver will tarnish over time so feel free to revive the shine by giving it an occasional polish with a silver cloth.

Wearing Your Jewellery

Chemical nasties like chlorine can damage sterling silver and gemstones.  So look after your precious jewellery pieces by leaving them in your locker when you’re off to the pool or the jacuzzi.  The same goes when using household cleaners – great for bathrooms, not so great for sterling silver jewellery.

Bear in mind that even good old water can cause sterling silver to tarnish as well.  Why?  Well some mains water is treated with chlorine and in different areas you get varying amounts of lime or chalk in there too so try and take your treasures off before having a bath or a shower.

It’s also a good idea to take your jewellery off if you’re playing sport or heading to the gym as well.  Perspiration can cause tarnishing and it’s easy to damage or scratch jewellery during physical activity too.

Skin and hair products contain ingredients that might react with your jewellery causing it to tarnish and discolour.  So make your jewellery the final flourish to your ready to rock routine and pop it on when you’ve finished.

Finally think of our jewellery like make-up – best taken off before you go to bed.